Bringing spaces to life through innovation

Making it real

ReView is the first digital product to launch from our VR team here at The Neighbourhood. We believe it to be the world’s first high-resolution, commercial property VR based configurator that brings together our experience in high end architectural visualisation and emerging technologies,. Using the HTC Vive, ReView delivers an unparalleled level of interactivity and experience.


Our decade-long experience producing world-class 3D visualisations means you’ll get a level of detail unlike anything else on the market.

1-2-1 Scale:

The perfect 1:1 scale offers a truly immersive experience - when you walk a metre in the real world, you’ll walk a metre in ReView.


With ReView, you’re not just seeing a space - you can swap and change everything from furniture to floor-plates, so you can quickly understand how the space can suit your needs.

A perfect match

We feel that full VR is no better utilised than in the property sector. With the ReView platform, agents and prospective clients are able to understand their potential space in a way that’s just not been possible previously. They are able to naturally walk around it, quickly cycling through both fit out and density options. It’s this natural and intuitive experience  that give users a fundamental understanding of the space.

Endless options

With ReView VR, you can select the furniture that works for you or your clients. A huge library means you can choose anything from Herman Miller to Steelcase, configuring the space to suit your unique aesthetic.

Fast and good doesn’t cost as much as you’d think

Virtual reality sounds costly and time-consuming. It isn’t. Thanks to our innovative new platform, we can create a high-quality, bespoke experience in a matter of weeks, rather than months.

An experience unlike anything else

ReView brings spaces and places to life in the most incredible way. Our ambition was to create something more emotive than a purely technical or 'game-like' manner, so we combined people-centred design approach, high fidelity visuals and a our long history of world class user experience to offer an incredibly realistic experience.

Want to see it for yourself?

We’d be happy to visit your offices and give you a demo. Give us a ring on 0161 244 9500 or email